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Also as "bunko".
See "bunco squad".

The original "bunco" was a dishonest gambling game. Can be used to imply deceit and fraud.
In the old days, Sgt. Joe Friday and Officer Gannon on the TV show "Dragnet", working out of the bunko squad, would bust some scam artist for conning some little old ladies.
by Earl Buttle July 19, 2005
A lame dice game that ladies use as an excuse for abandoning their families and drinking on a weeknight.
I'm sorry, honey, I can't cook or help with the kids' homework tonight; I am needed at the bunco party.
#bunco #dice #drinking games #food #fun
by wONDERcHIC! July 14, 2010
A chill ass word better than any word some stupid nigger made up.
that negro is straight up bunco
by The man June 22, 2004
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