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To heavily drool on the end of a cigerette, most possibly one you are sharing with a friend or work coleage
"OMFG!! Oh my fucking God, Poppy! Look how much you've bumsucked it! Your skanking me! Your skanking me, mate! You've gotta pay me back for all of that! That's 17p please! You're twisting my melons, man!! Look how much you've bumsucked it. Quit skanking me!"
by Armadillo April 26, 2005
To have fellatio performed on oneself by a person or persons lacking in permenent residence.
Hobo Harry had to perform bumsuck on Dangerous Dan in order to obtain the vial of crack cocaine.
by Buttson May 31, 2006
someone who constantly changes wot he says just so ppl will like them. see also tag along
oh he such a bum suck
by Gisby January 14, 2004
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