For a man and woman to make love.
I'm going home to bump Uglys with my Old Lady.
by Pitman July 12, 2006
Top Definition
A euphemism for sex. See your local human anatomy book for more detail.
We were bumpin' uglies 'til dawn!
by warren b October 21, 2001
To have sex.
I bet you that in 20 minutes theyre gonna be Bumping Uglies.

Hey man, saw you leave with that chick, did you Bump Uglies?
by JJwhite October 29, 2006
to have sex....a colege term, commonly qouted from the film Van Wilder.
"Dude Karen, Me and mitch totaly went to his house to bump uglies last night! It was the best 24 seconds ever!!"
by b!zkit August 11, 2006
To hook up with someone.
Did you hear that Mike was bumping uglies with Kate behind the auditorium?

Hey Ann, wanna bump uglies?
by Popand Lock October 03, 2012
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