A selfish conceded girl who only thinks about herself and is so concerned about how she looks she tends to block out reality. A girl who wheres a very flashy outfit, dress, or mini skirt to a casual party or scene when unnecessary.
It derives from the infomercial that sells "Bump Its"

Example: Usually the girl at the party that is yelling absurd very dumbed down threats to someone (Guy or Girl) who called her out for being a bitch.
by CtStr August 03, 2009
Top Definition
A piece of plastic that girls put under their hair. They wear them to give their hair more volume but it makes them look like coneheads.
Joe: "Hey, does that girl have a tumor?"
Teresa: "Nah, she's just wearing a bump it"
by anti bumpit May 08, 2010
A device used by large amounts of females in order to add volume to their hair.

Also, unless looked up in this dictionary, a way for a male to know that he is secretly a homosexual, and would be the only one suprised to find that out.

Also, a cheap plastic device used by cheap plastic females or transgenders so they do not have to rat their hair into a nappy mess to get it to have volume like that (see 'hollywood bumpit')
She was definitely wearing a bumpit. i think it was the hollywood bumpit. i told her that i lived with my parents to get outta taking her home.
by textsfromlastnight August 28, 2009
Used to agree with someone, therefore bumping the idea to the next level.
Someone: Hey why don't we all go get high?

You(in support): BUMP IT DUDE!!
by ROFLcopter February 08, 2005
The most useless human invention yet. They are crescent moon shaped plastic that girls, women, and gay men put in their hair to add "fabulous" volume "in seconds". Commenly seen in infomercials, this products comes with a free "tease" comb. They are overpriced and they just make you look like your head is deformed.
Girl #1: Hey! Like my hair?
Boy#1: Oh! I'm so sorry!
Girl #1: Excuse me?!
Boy #1: I feel so badly for you, you have a tumor in your head!
Girl #1: No! I'm wearing one of my Bump-Its!
Boy#1: You look like a Telatubbie.
by Professersnuggles January 11, 2010
To instruct someone to leave, move or go away; to relocate
Hey what the hell are you looking at? Bump it! We were enjoying our free seats until the cops came along and told us to bump it.
by Houston JC July 09, 2009
"forgeeet about it"
Screw dat.
Im not doing that.
That aint happenin
I'm over dat
Woke up late this morning and decided to bump it and stay in bed eeeee.
by GMAU November 13, 2003
1. /noun/ bumpit

A self-gripping, hair volumizing insert worn by females who not only act like airheads but want to create the impression of pockets of air located on the top of their heads too.

2. /verb/ bumpit, bumpitting, bumpitted

An act of suicide that is committed when a person is feeling so low in the pits that they gladly proceed to suffocate themselves between the sweaty asscheeks of somebody morbidly obese.
1. Starlene Amber Bambi - "Mah hunney bunch iz takin me out to a reel fancee dinner at Walmart tonite so I had better wear me sum bumpits to dress up reel nice and purteh like!"

2. Godfrey was feeling so horridly depressed and like the whole world was ending after he dropped his spare iPad on the marble tiles that he even contemplated finding the nearest McDonalds to help bumpit himself.
by doubledot August 20, 2011
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