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to not dress up
dude, i'm bummin' it today
by Sarah April 16, 2004
Being incredibly lazy and choosing to wear sweats or pajamas for the day.
Girl 1: You look like a mess..
Girl 2: Yeah well I'm just bummin it today
by jpoops April 24, 2010
to wear clothes not considered nice clothes, or sweats. usually reffering to a female.
"whoa have you seen michelle today? shes really bummin it"
by alyssa November 25, 2003
When a person goes in public without showering, shaving, and dresses in dirty or frumpy clothing. Common signs include bed head, b.o., make-up under eyes.
Sarah hadn't showered for two days and smelled like fish! She was definately bummin it!
by Clark & Ashley August 10, 2006
spending wisely until your next check
I just got dem new J's so im bummin it till next week.
by CandymanDaGreat February 22, 2010
A word people say when they have small dicks
-dude, I was bummin' it the other say.

-then you must have a small ass dick.
by Baldy415 December 28, 2009