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when youre bummed to the point of wanting to throw sauce at someone.. not to be compared to weak sauce; although, can be just as disappointing.

not to be found in the latin dictionary.. yet.

always to be preceded or followed by a heavy sigh.
thing 1.. "oh, you dont have the new radiohead on vinyl?"
thing 2.. "nah, we sold out. we should have it in a month.."
thing 1.. *sigh* "bummersauce."
by lissterine22 May 18, 2011
(Noun) (Adjective)

Something that is disappointing or unpleasant. of poor, wretched, or miserable quality; worthless.
A: The new neighbors lost their house to foreclosure.

B: Oh Bummersauce.
by anthony886 May 07, 2011

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