Def: One word - Linden. =) A person of extreme bum-ness. ^_~
Linden is the biggest bumholio ever!
by Lee January 18, 2005
Top Definition
Forsooth, in pass'ed times, when derivations and defamations were thrice socially acceptable, ye olde opus, by the Lauret, William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet spake forth of great silliness. Among this tome's mighty characters was one Benvolio.
Thus, 13-year-olds in England were forc'ed to read of his stupidity and demise as part of their schooling, and thence cameth the childish and generally un-funny slur, 'Bumholio'.
Comic genius it aint. Aye me.
Kid: I hate Shakespeare. Miss, why do we have to read this? It's nonsense!
Teacher: STFU, Bumholio.
by Phil Bool October 11, 2006
a comical word for anus or arse, used as an insult... not a very good one either.
1."why did you do that?", "meh", "bumholio!"

2."You bumholio!"

by Steve Richards October 15, 2003
Character from 'Beavis and Butthead'
Bumholio is 'Cornholio' when hes being a complete arsehole!
"I am 'BUMHOLIO' I need TP for my Bung-hole!"
by F.Northy August 22, 2009
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