1. A place in the middle of nowhere.
2. A place not worth mentioning, driving to, or remembering the name of
3. A town located in the middle of farmland or prairie land and it takes less than a minute to drive out of it. Example: Oil Springs, Ontario
I had to drive out to bumfuck nowhere to pick his drunk ass up.
by guinnessgirl May 22, 2006
completely in the middle of nowhere; far away from anywhere.
the dude lives in the middle of bum-fuck nowhere!
by mr.Tom January 10, 2003
A place out in the middle of nowhere, miles from civilization and miles from help if needed.
"What's Bluey up these days?"

"He got a new job at a mine out in the middle of bum fuck nowhere. It's at least two days drive from Sydney."
by IzzleMann May 28, 2008
Aussie slang for a place that is a long way away and is usually not worth travelling to.
Tim: Are you going to Dave's party tomorrow?
Rob: Yeah I would but it's all the way out in bumfucknowhere so I can't be bothered.
by Simon February 16, 2004
another name for Bullengarook. A place in Australia
I had to go all the way out to Bumfucknowhere to visit the fire station.
by Shelly_4 September 21, 2005

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