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(noun) fuck; damn, mothafucka........... it originated from the old times in Jamaica when it was refered to the cloth that women used to cleanse themselves with when they had their period. If a women despised you then she would throw her cloth at you symbolizing that you were the epitome of scum and were "cursed".As for the "clot" its a mispronounciation of Jamaicans because of their lack of the sound "th" hence clot=cloth. See bloodclot.
Damn dat boy ....... he played me , Bumbleclot!!
by Queens NY July 08, 2005
Word for a complete idiot.
A: I tried to warm up milk by blowing hot air into the package!
B: You tried what?! Hmpf.. you're really a bumbleclot..
by MangotangoXL August 12, 2009
= jamaican for period blood
Sarah are u ready for ur bumbleclot reading?
by Jared February 10, 2005
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