a term for fat, preferably in the ass.
damn that chicks got bumber in her lumber
by nooger December 18, 2004
Top Definition
a lover of boobs, boobies.
hi, i'm nick jonas and i am a bumber.
by imacreeper. February 12, 2010
boobies. just. boobies. thats it.
those bumbers are absolutely gigantic!
by queenbeexx3 January 15, 2009
A distorted bumper.
Skype messaging:
6:56:33 PM Person A:Its a bumber, I know
6:56:33 PM Person A: bummer*
6:56:33 PM Person A: lol
6:57:06 PM Person B: Wtf's a bumber? Lol.
6:57:56 PM Person A: a distorted bumper?
6:58:03 PM Person B: That's going on urban dictionary just for the hell of it.
6:59:24 PM Person A: YAY!
by El Rio. December 09, 2011
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