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A shitty rag,
used as a word to cuss peepz in jamaica, wat dey mean to say is arse wipe, bumba is da arse whole, n tha clot is tha rag. shitty rag
1)U stepped on ma creps, ya bumbaclot.(spits in dere face)
2)Oi Ziggy, set meh a bumbaclot, (shits on his hand)
3)Ure ride looks like a fukin bumbaclot, (sucks his teeth)
by DaN - Kyro/Kiro January 14, 2006
131 238
A cloth or rag used to wipe ones anal region. However, most Jamaicans use it as a substitute for the word f*ck to express anger or surprise.
Bumbaclot! Dem tek mi rolex and mi new links!!
by caiO January 20, 2003
2948 1412
Bumbaclot, the acme of Jamaican swearing, translates literally as "arsewipe". Its real meaning is more like a slow, surprised "motherfucker"
Bumbaclot Bumbaclot Bumbaclot Bumbaclot
by DanDanSuperman May 22, 2005
1438 1274
A severe profanity thought to originate from jamaica by peter tosh, the unsantitary nature of the female period (blood clot). It can be used in many contexts, especially to back up a strong statement.
"Yo give me my money, youve owed by since friday"
" Alright fine, take it you bumba clot"
by Comdragon December 17, 2007
270 117
Noun. Jamaican. Slang term. Means toilet paper, but a reused one. Most likely a Jamaican wordslurring of "bum" and "cloth".
Ignorant: "What does bumbaclot mean?"
Knowledgable: "Bum cloth."
Ignorant: "Really? Wow, bum cloth even sounds like bumbaclot."
by KeyOn October 21, 2013
33 32
Anything in specific that you woudnt mind calling a motherfucker.
Pass the bumbaclot. Your a bumbaclot.
by Arturo Del Sol January 20, 2006
228 253
bog paper - used to wipe the anal region bloodclot}
from: bumba - shit,
clot - paper
tek a pek a tha wee bumbaclot
by flite November 24, 2003
185 219
(bum-ba-claw(silent "T"))

"The tent's upside-down you bumbaclot!"
by the anonnymouse August 15, 2008
70 121