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love through the bum (anal)
John gave David bum love
by John Masters April 05, 2003
A casual word that represents the act of anal penetration or similar activities involving homosexual love making. Usually it is not used as a serious insult, but rather for a joke. This word is occasionally used with a hint of sarcasm.
*Tez listening to his iPod*
Nick: "Hey, lemme listen to that a sec?"
Tez: "Only if you gimme some bumlove ;)"
Nick: "You bet."
by Matt April 21, 2005
When a person cannot control their desire for someone of the homeless underclass
Davivd: Whats sarah doing with that hobo?
Linda: Shes got bum love
by Adam Intern October 14, 2004
Used as a term for Anal penetration, or as part of an insult intent on homosexuals.
"you give her a bit of the ol bumlove?"
"you like the bumlove?"
by Anonymous December 20, 2003
benevolence towards the homeless, the less fortunate, those who are down on their luck
There's a lot of bum love in this town. I just got $50 begging with a "high fives by donation" sign.
by lotuswrench July 11, 2011
Verb; The pleasurable, and/or loving act of anal sex.
1). It would be nice to have a bit of "Bum Love" today.
2). Let's make "Bum Love?!"
by Master-007 August 07, 2012
love that occurs between the homeless
1- yo, see those bums goin at it?
2- fo sho, thats some bumlove goin on
by miss_masochist July 05, 2005

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