It is someone so cute that they appear fluffy like a cute baby kitten.
You are my bumfluff. I want to take you home.
"Mommy, can I keep him/her?"
by BIGGEST BUMFLUFF July 04, 2012
Ah you're all wrong it aint on your arse it's on your face....god
hey you might wanna shave that bum fluff
by MaHe November 27, 2003
like peach fuzz but on your ass
"bum fluff is not real facial hair.
do not try and grow a beard of bum fluff"
by ben dover March 24, 2003
Ass-lint, butthair.. The stuff that shite clings to and forms into dangling shite-berries.
Damn, bjootch! You got shite-berries in your bumfluff!!
by Fluffmeister-G October 26, 2003
Often mistaken with anal fluff (different thing etirely)... After a period of certain unhygienically living, a small amount of dust, cat hairs (dog hairs. human hair.. whatever) and sweat congeals in the belly button area of the body and stays there until one either washes (thus terminating the period of unhygienically living and smell) or the lucky other half (or embarassed and soon to fail one night stand) picks it out and unvariably smells it.... it smells of bum.
Phwoar! your bum fluf smells of ass!

What's fluff? Oh! It smells of bottoms. Must be bum fluff again.
by robin and cecily April 12, 2008
When an adolescent boy first grows facial hair it looks all wispy and yucky. This hair resembles the fluffy hair on some people's bums. So shave it off or you can look ridiculous. Girls really hate it. I'm a girl!

So shave it off and get a REAL beard started!
Once I was up close to my big brother's friend. He had heaps of Bum Fluff on his face which made me want to PUKE!

by fclb September 23, 2005
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