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The correct pronunciation of the word. Implies that someone is a bull's stiff penis. Often mispronounced as ballroot outside of Belfast. Both however are acceptable insults.
Piers Morgan is a fucking Bullroot. I'd love to smash his smug fucking face in with a block hammer.
by Clarkekentyboy April 28, 2008
A bell end of unimaginable proportions. A complete and utter cunt.
A toss pot that usually attempts to appear superior in their use of English by using words that nobody actually understands. Usually the person attempting to use these words has not only, no idea how to spell them but what also they mean, thus cementing the audience's initial impression that the user of the said words is in fact a bell end.
Timmy Architect to rich client - "yaaaahhh, i need to relate this back into the adjusted matrix and then issue the next tranche of juxtapositional installations."

what an utter bull root.
by McLoxy March 22, 2007
Someone who thinks he's cool for being in the army and boasts about it
"Daryl is being a Bullroot again"
by Steve & Phil November 03, 2005
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