A certain period during which time is slowed down to a speed where a bullet and its path of motion can clearly be seen, hence the name BULLET time.
by Anonymous August 18, 2003
Max Payne's adrenaline state / hero power in which time appears to slow, bullets have cool trails and Max just gets that little bit angrier...if really possible with those eyebrows.
Max Payne was brought to you by some hella tight guys.
by Ineffable Me December 15, 2003
A form of ultra-slow motion mostly based on the principle that motion and time can be seperated. Named for the fact that you can see a bullet frozen in bullet time. Developed by John Gatea and Bill Pope for the Matrix film trilogy.
Wanna know what would make dodgeball awesome? If I had bullet time! But then I'd probably steal someone's wallet in midair and fly away.
by Jonah Rowley March 29, 2005
When action in a movie or videogame is put into slow motion with slow motion sound and revolving camera. This is done when bullets are fired at the central protagonist. Comes from the game max payne.
The bullettime scene from the matrix has been copied a few hundred times in parodies.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 17, 2004
super slow-mo effect {slow enough for the audience to see a bulet breaking through the air as it travels, hence the name} pioniered in the hit film "The Matrix".
The effect is created by filming a short scene against a green background using two video cameras and a lot of stills cameras. The images are then added to a computer generated background and then using computers the audience can be spun 360 degres around the action, showing great amounts of detail.
Watch the matrix... also view the bullet time documentry also on the matrix DVD and possibly at the end of the VHS
by david rees November 23, 2003
1. An effect created by putting many digital cameras in either a circle or any shape you want and filming what happens inside, thus allowing you to create the effect that there is one camera moving around and around the object or objects.

2. Any scene in entertainment that involves slow motion and bullet time.

(As seen in films like "The Matrix" and "Kung-Pow: Enter the fist"
Bullet-Time blew peoples minds when it was first used.
by John May 15, 2003
a slow motion action sequence involving guns in a film. Many people believe that The Matrix was the first to do it but actually the vampire movie Blade with Wesley snipes did it first a year before the Matrix. After Blade The Matrix came out & everybody was blown away because they never seen it done so many times in a film.
Guy 1: yo you seen the Matrix? Dem slow motion sequences was the shit!

Guy: nah man that Bullet Time was pioneered by Blade. GET YOUR SHIT STRAIGHT!
by HotPocketsBoy February 02, 2011
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