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A bulimic emo who forces themself to vomit blood
Tom: I yakked blood today
Jake: What a bulemo
by Chizalle July 30, 2006
an emo who is belemic. some puke in 'secret' and others are uber annoying and brag about it all day.
bulemo over toilet:*pukeing*
bulemo to emo freak group:i just puked again...I'll be wearing those EXTRA skinny jeans in no know, those jeans that fit a pole.
emo freaks:*2 busy cutting wrists 2 care*
by cat-tron3000 February 09, 2008
A person who is caught up in the unique yet popular world of emos but weigh less than 100 pounds.

A Bulimic Emo
Look at damion hes so bulemo he never eats lunch and his bangs are falling out.

Is Jennifer a bulemo? Her wrists are soo tiny if she cuts anymore her whole wrist will fall into her plate of nothing.
by Ashton Parson July 27, 2007
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