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Pronounced: Boo - leh
Basically the same as "brah," but mainly used by guys.
Sene kids use moke slang such as this and brah, tro, faka and bah.

Mellie: Sup Buleh?
Meggie: Ho braH! I know you!? What? Like tro`??!
Mellie:Brah, I never do nahting to you!
Meggie: Why you still talking to me!? Ho buleh! WE GO!
Melli &Meggie: Hahaha.

Kainalu: Sup buleh?
Lani: Hey cuz. Like go Sandy Beach? Heard da` waves is nuts brah.
Kainalu: K, we go.
by xxlykomg.xx June 12, 2007
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