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A gracious person with class who is loved by many. Someone with a beautiful personality and a strong sense of self.
That Bulbul is a stunner.
by DeronBrad February 05, 2010
A very fucking sexy ass brown girl. A girl that everyone would want as a girlfriend.
Girl: I think i consider myself bulbul.
Boy: bulbul is over there, you fag.
Girl: I can be bulbul too!
Boy: No.
by DOHMAMAI February 14, 2010
Hebrew word for penis
I have a big Bulbul
Me'aniyen li et ha bulbul
(my penis has no intrest in this manner)
by Shk November 04, 2003
A type of bird.
Nothing special, just a common bird.
Look at that Bulbul, sitting on the tree.
by Yuval Bental March 13, 2005