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A greeting in Fijian.
Api: "Bula!"
Russie: "Bula Bula!"
by BamabisFather April 17, 2004
A double kegger every friday durring spring quarter, traditionally starting at 2 in the afternoon.
Hey man, it's 2:00, lets go to the bula and get drunk.
by matt March 11, 2005
to vomit, throw-up. originated with the sound you make when you retch and expel the contents of your stomach, usually after the over consumption of alcohol.
A visit with Ralph and Bula.
by Boink September 03, 2004
an early to mid- 90's expression, meaning "in your face!" and pronounced "boo ya!"
Bula!! 12 points! You've been pwned!
by Deblen October 08, 2006