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20 guys cumming at the same time and the girl drinks it
they bukakied on her
by o June 19, 2003
When a mommy and a daddy and a daddy and a daddy and a daddy and a daddy love a mommy very much and they all think she needs a facial.
Due to Amy Winehouse's excessive drug use, her face looks like a crater and therefore P.Diddy, Maestro Fresh and John McCain decided to help her out but giving her bukaki.
by frenchieelmo March 22, 2009
v. - to gather around a woman and cum on her face as a group. originally used in ancient japan as a form of punishment, it is now performed for kinky pleasure

n. - an instance of bukakying
Hey, no fair, you can't wear a facemask when we're about to bukaki you!!!
by johnny walker April 03, 2005
When 3 or more men jerk off and cum on a woman's face
Bukaki says what ???
by Gotcha!!! September 14, 2003
See 'Bukake' or 'Bukkake'
Word repeat: please see 'Bukake' or 'Bukkake'
by Downingboy February 27, 2005
When 12 or more guys surround a girl and cum on her, or they cum in a cup and she drinks it.
Let's go do some bukaki on her.
by chronicmasturbator March 27, 2003
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