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A girl that you are crazy for because she is sweet, sensitive, nice, and beautiful. She is better than your boo, because she is your pal and someone you can always rely on to be there for you when you need it most.
I miss my Buggaboo because i'm in the New York and she's back in Portland. But I will see my Buggaboo very soon and she will LOVE the new Burberry purse I bought for her!
by GOHOYAS September 06, 2009
an annoying boyfriend who obsesses over you, always calling and texting, and if you dont pick up they call your friends.

refers to the song bugga boo by destiny's child
who cares, he was a bugga boo anyways
by make_it_juicy June 25, 2008
It is a fear or daunting task at a particular time or place.
Snakes and cleaning house are my two biggest bugga-boos.
by mckATS February 24, 2011
like a jigaboo, but with a venomous bite,
I got a wicked rash after messing with the wrong buggaboo
by Ian Hilbert December 11, 2003
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