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jet powered strategic bomber still in sevice after 50 years, and still kicking some ass, dont fuck with us
and if you dont like it, that's tough beans go cry
our B-52s were succesful in demolishing the the war protestor encampment
by senor November 12, 2003
a once prosperous city filled with good jobs for everyone. in fact, college wasn't even necessary, cause there were jobs for everyone that paid pretty well. however, those jobs have all been shipped to mexico, china, thailand, taiwan and india among other places where workers are slaved for pennies a day that can never buy them any of the products they make. and, of course, the prices aren't really going down. But the city is, thanks to the apathy of a neo-con federal government, which could care less about the cities that built america, a state government that worries only about the so-called troubles of new york city, a city government that takes the little bit of federal and state money and pockets it into their own payraises and doesnt even attempt to solve problem, and a county government bureaucracy that only works part-time, gets paid more than double the salary of the avergae full-time worker in america, has no sense of creative thought, overstaffs itself and expects others to get rid of their so called patronage when they wont get rid of theirs. basically the great city has been fucked over.
outsourcing + federal neo-cons such as tom delay who cut off any aid + state interests + corrupt city gov't + county gov't shithole = the destruction of buffalo
by senor April 24, 2005
A pertpetual neat nick phobia ridden person. Name comes from the Odd Couple Charecter, played on TV by Tony Randell.
Don't be such a Felix Ungar! The books are straight enough. The dishes are stacked just right. You don't have to iron your friggin socks!
by Senor February 07, 2004
Pretty much anything. Has formulas, properties and theorems.
I don't know what to do, oh I know, I'll use the transcendsidential property of relativity.
by Senor September 18, 2003
A close friend of oppsoite sex
by Senor September 16, 2003

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