Buffalo is a shitty little city ran by a crazy-ass, inconsiderate neo-nazi hick who doesn't know how to govern a city millions of dollars in debt. There are no jobs, high gas prices, pollacks, irishmen, and mexicans. On the North and West side, you get shot up for wearing red. There is a zoo there aswell that cannot accomodate for it's animals. On the south side there are bars, pollacks and irish people. The East side is the buisness part of the city. It's also where the Buffalo Sabres home arena resides. Our suburbs are full of heroin. And our closest neighbour is Rochester and Canada. Buffalo was once a great city, full of job opportunities. What happened? Oh, the politicians are taking over! The Seneca Indians are taking back their lands (they didnt forget!) and making a shit load of money, and the St Francis football team resides 14 miles out of the city. 14th best in the world, ya know.
man b: there is so much to do in Buffalo!
Man a: Let's head over to J.P's pub later, aye Finnigan?
Man b: or we can go to the over crowded zoo!
man a: or go watch the sabres practice!
man b: or go to Canada!
man a: or Rochester!
by OMGOMGOMGOMG July 31, 2006
A city that is WAY WAY WAY better then rochester. Buffalo might want to be rochester if it wanted to be a small city noone cares about. Has alot of bars and a night scene Rochester dreams of.
Hey, we could go to Buffalo or Rochester. Lets go to Buffalo where theres things to do, Rochester is for little school boys who are afraid to be out after dark
by Anonymous September 21, 2003
Literally the most boring place to live in on planet earth
Went on vacation to buffalo last week. It's basically a shit hole
by Basically A Dictionary January 11, 2015

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