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1. A small kid that does gymnastics and does not deserve respect.
2. Scarf in Spanish
1. That bitch bufanda won't pay me back.
2. Me gusta la bufanda.
by Erik Shawn May 24, 2005
1)The act of scratching/fondoling one's own genitalia.
2)The act of speaking in a group about scratching/fondoling one's own genitalia.
(bufanda- bufanding, bufandas, bufanded)
"Sergio is bufanding himself right now."
"I want you all to know that bufanda is going on right here in the office."
by macpop February 25, 2005
1. A rude comment to a female from a male to get attention

2. 'scarf' in spanish
1. Guy: Jeez, u bufanda.
Girl: STFU

2. Me gusta la bufanda rojo.
by d::___ March 12, 2005
1)the act of fondeling one's own genitalia
2)talking to a person in slang talk having to do with genitalia
1)Sergio was hanging out with his crew while bufanding
2)That guy bufanding sure is bufanda.
by macpop February 25, 2005
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