Budge (v) derived from the action of Budging.
A coloquial term for anal fingering, or anything pertaining to the grounds of anality. If the extension is used, then the item used in the extension is to enter the anus through the sphynkter. If not, it is your fingers that enter the anus.

Spawned from a young mans honesty, the word budge was formed by a group of 7 sixteen year olds on a road trip to port fairy in 2007.

If the anal activity is using a different part of the body, or a different item for that matter, the the item or body part should be placed infront of the term Budge or Budge in any of its tenses. The Item or Body Part Should have the "ee" sound on the end of it ("ee"as in Fee"_ but spelt as "ie" or "y".
Fisty Budge : budging with a fist.
Phonie Budge: Budging with a phone.
Footie Budge: Budging with a foot.
"...He put his hand up and attmited that he had budged"
"wanna Budge?"
"My mum walked in on my Budging"
"let's try a ballsie budge."
by Titch Messier July 10, 2007
Top Definition
to cut in line

Early Childhood usage
"Teacher, he BUDGED!"
by misskt December 04, 2004
Another way to say "cut" as in cutting someone in line. Frequently used in Illinois.
"Hey Ashley can I budge you?"

"Sure you can Maneet!"
by 9115** February 18, 2014
1. Something that is on a budget. usually, a low budge.
2. Something that is cheaply made
"This toast is really budge"
by nappy March 13, 2005
From 'Budgie', means mate, bro, dude, man or pal.
"Yo whats up, Budge?"
"Hey Budge, keen to go to this rave?"
by ive-ree August 26, 2003
When a male sits down in an awkward way which causes his penis to slide up his anus
"oops i just budged"!!!
by Capt Budge April 18, 2010
A nickname for a retarded, brainless, mental, narrowminded, dimwitted, wimpy, friendless, annoying, unlikeable, acne-covered, tree-like, moron. Basically he is the most demented motherfucker any one has ever laid eyes on. Why the wimpy tree was created, I do not know.
Philip Budge!
by CLARA!!!!!!!! June 17, 2010

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