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A trip or vacation taken by two good friends who are not romantically involved.
My best friend and I went to Las Vegas to get lap dances on our buddymoon.
#honeymoon #buddy moon #man date #man crush #homosexual
by Jacob Daly November 15, 2007
An out-of-town trip by two close heterosexual guy friends; the guy version of honeymoon.
My girlfriend is pissed off at me because Cameron and I are going to Vegas on our buddymoon.
#man date #man crush #gay #heterosexual #friends #honeymoon
by Carlos Pedraza November 29, 2007
When two friends drop their pants and touch butts
Greg's mom sure was shocked when she saw the video of him and Curtis trying the buddymoon.
#butt brothers #buddy moon #moon buddies #moon landing #bettymoon
by Betty Moon July 19, 2012
A honeymoon taken with a group of friends in addition to the bride and groom.
Sarah and Tom got married in New York, followed by a week-long buddymoon in Jamaica with their 10 closest friends.
#honeymoon #buddy moon #vacation #bachelor party #elopement
by Grace Farrelly July 14, 2011
A friend who is such a wuss and afraid of danger they remind you of a lilly white ass (moon).
Three guys came after me in the bar and my friend was such a Buddy Moon he took off leaving me to fend for myself
#buddy #moon #wuss #coward #ass
by Joe Billy Ray November 24, 2008
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