A slang term used to describe a strung out junkie, especially by drug dealers in southern parts such as Florida, since these "buddies" are willing to give them all their money in exchange for the "hard stuff." A buddy's drug of choice may vary from buddy to buddy, but in most cases, cocaine (powdered or rock) remains a favorite among buddies of all ages and races. In most if not all cases, Alcohol is a closely linked companion to accompany the buddy and his/her "nose candy" (powder coke) or "monkey nuts" (crack rock). Many buddies begin their life of addiction by sprinkling a fair amount of this devil dandruff on their marijuana joints, then graduate to snorting the substance while abandoning marijuana usage. Once a buddy is hooked on the high they achieve from sniffing, they may upgrade their regimine by opting to smoke the cocaine either in its powdered form or in chunks of rock known as crack. Tinfoil pipes, small glass tubes, soda cans, and even light bulbs are some of the more common makeshift contraband that buddies use to smoke their dope with. Within as little as weeks, many tell-tale signs begin to emerge within a person that may tip off non-junkies of the buddy's "recreational" activities. These attributes are but not limited to: profuse sweating, always smelling of cheap booze, rotting/missing teeth, unkempt hair, yellow pit stains on their shirt's underarms, tweaked-out creepy red eyes, no automobile, sleeps on random peoples couches or in the streets at night, thouroughly intoxicated within an hour of waking up, extreme body odor, holes in clothing, mysterious bloody sores that seem to appear out of nowhere, massive weight loss, malnutrition, offensively bad breath, un-manicured, stringy, greasy facial hair, wearing the same clothes for weeks on end, begging for money for "food," talking to imaginary people, swearing at young children for no reason, compulsive shaking or "tweaking," small, flacid penis (in males), stinky, hairy crotch (females), and frequenting the cheap tacky local shit hole neighborhood bar. Buddies have also been linked to the use of methamphetamines (crystal meth), heroin, opium, xanax, oxycontin, and other hardcore drugs. The latest new fad for buddies involves smoking a crack/heroin mixture which is appropriatly named "buddy buddy."
"Dude, that buddy over there looks like hell, how many days in a row do you think he's worn those clothes?"

Person 1:
"Wow, I could actually smell that buddy before I could see him, for a second there I thought someone shit their pants!"

Person 2:
"He probably did, lol."

"Get the fuck away from me you grimey old buddy, I don't have any spare change."

"Bartender, could you ask that buddy over there to leave the bar..he's scaring my girlfriend, plus he stinks to high heaven!"

Person 1:
"How many buddies does it take to screw in a light bulb?"

Person 2:
"I dunno, how many?"

Person 1:
"It doesn't really matter, they spend all their money on drugs and can't afford to pay the bills!!"

"Nigga you need to use more cut when you rockin' up them cookies, a lil baking soda ain't gonna hurt those buddies."
by The Real Kaptain Krunk September 09, 2007
7 Words related to buddy
1. friend, pal, compatriot, someone you don't know the name of, someone you don't want to tell the name of

2. close friend, pal, compatriot

3. used to describe budding fungi, or any other thing that... buds.
Buddy's keeping The Notebook captive again.

How 'bout that buddy yeast....
by miso December 02, 2003
1: a good friend that you are confortable being around and sharing things with.
2: a condescending term used sarcastically to describe someone that you consider below yourself.
"I'm going to have some beers with my buddy tonight."

"Buddy just told me I can't park my car here."
by Samuel WIlliams November 08, 2006
You're in the friend zone.
You're screwed.
Guy: I love you.
Girl: Aw, I love you too buddy!
by amay128 September 24, 2010
A nice word that men use in presenting some sort of emotional affection towards other men.
Man #1: I'm really scared.

Man #2: Everything is going to be okay, buddy.
by souldude May 24, 2009
'buddy' as an address (vocative) among guys

I have observed guys will often address as 'buddy' another guy either younger, smaller, or somehow bearing less status; this far it is not an overt, hostile put-down, but a more subtle; the speaker extends his friendship even while asserting superiority, whether in age, status or knowing experience.

I would say this sphere of the word only extends especially to acquaintances rather than the closest of friends; among close friends, if there's an alpha in the group, he might use 'buddy' on the others; but if there's a perceived equality, 'buddy' may then not carry these subtle social shades.
TIM, 12: Hey Pete.
PETE, 18: What's up buddy.
by Lotroot May 08, 2007
A term that young American guys use to refer to their friend.
"My buddy lives there," or "I'm going to my buddy's house tonight."
by annee January 12, 2006
1970's and early 1980's slang for off-brand sneakers.
"Haha! His mom bought him buddies! They aren't Converse, they're Kmart Traxx!"

"Buddies, they make your feet feel fine.
Buddies, they're just a dollar forty-nine."
by jafafa January 27, 2006

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