IMing someone as soon as they sign on, by hand, gaim, or DoorManBot.
I had DoorManBot buddy pounce him as soon as he signed on, to tell him about the party.
by Matthew Goldstein June 22, 2005
Top Definition
IMing someone as soon as they sign on.
As soon as his name appeared on my buddy list I buddy pounced him.
by RaMDaY June 06, 2005
A tool that can be used in gaim, an open source aim client. Set the options and all sorts of actions can be taken when someone signs on or sends a msg.
Buddy1 signs on
You - Hello, I have been looking for you!
Them - hello?
by Hybridstorm June 22, 2005
To I.M. someone as soon as they sign on. Can be turned into a contest.
You: I totally just buddy pounced you
Them: And I liked it.
by Amandaaa December 13, 2005
Very very irritating habit to instant message people as soon as they log on.
a perfect example would be :
*logs on to msn*
"ZOMGZORRZZZZ teh twitch"
by _TwiTch_ June 22, 2005
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