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a round rubber object,used in bondage,shoved in a persons mouth and tied down with leather straps.
"so i was fucking this goat right?and it was screaming so damn loud i had to ball gag it,and believe me when i tell you that those things work!"
by _TwiTch_ May 03, 2005
A group of people who know the specifics or details about certain things such as games, programs, chatboxes and forums.
'so anyway, i looked at this guy's ping and was about 900 peaking 1200 and he was still playing normal....'
'dude, NOT part of the in-crowd'
by _TwiTch_ September 15, 2005
Very very irritating habit to instant message people as soon as they log on.
a perfect example would be :
*logs on to msn*
"ZOMGZORRZZZZ teh twitch"
by _TwiTch_ June 22, 2005
things yourvampgirlfriend will give you,being incredibly tasty-looking,i have several on my chest,arms and neck.
*being released from the evil clutches of a "vamp"* ..."i do hope you cleaned your teeth!it's bad enough having bitemarks,without me getting rabies!"
by _TwiTch_ May 03, 2005
Pickpockets who target women and purses specially as a surrogate for being frustrated having never touched the female body.
" that pickpocket over there isn't very discrete of a mole buzzer,is he?"
by _TwiTch_ May 21, 2005

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