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Someone who you trust with your whole life and any secrets that you may have. This person is really close and means a lot to you and you just have endless fun when you're with them. They'll be there when you need them the most and they wont ever ever go away; they know when you're happy or sad, even before you can say a word. A buddiee knows you better than anyone else does, even your best friends. Sometimes you'll have a small fight, but you'll make up in about 1 hour and become better and closer than ever. Fights are just a little obstacle that you just have to jump over.

Your buddiee is the greatest person you can ever have
Phone conversation:
Josh: love youu muchly buddiee
Nikita: love youu moree buddiee
Josh: bye
Nikita: bye
Nikita: b.... (phone hangs up)

Josh (calls back): omg did i just totally hang up on youu?
Nikita: yeees! :O
conversation goes on for another hour or more...
by francee May 05, 2010
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