very unfourtunate looking.
Damn, that chick is buckled.
by Ryan Schroer August 15, 2005
Top Definition
adjective - To be incapacitated due to a variety of factors, most of which involve alcohol.
"Man, Alfonse is stumbling all over the place...he's really buckled."
by El Jefe February 08, 2004
unattractive, homely, not your style
"no way, I think she's buckled!"
by RSR July 22, 2005
to get drunk beyond all recognition of what gravity is there for
oh man, I got BUCKLED last night, 10 cans of cider!
by The Bollox June 02, 2007
In the West of Scotland, the term 'buckled', sometimes referred to as 'backlt' is used to express the action of knees buckling due to laughing to an excessive extent. It is rare that someone will actually 'buckle', yet it is still commonly used.
Judith: OMG, MY CAT JUST DIED. *creys*

Samuel Kensington of Herp Derp Co.: lawl, buckled @ that bitch. actually laughing so much i'm buckled out my skin and my internal organs.
by GregtbH March 21, 2011
referring to a women/man who is tied down and has extra baggage (most commonly because of children).
Brett: "Dude, this girl I just met is so hot!"
Roberto: "Ya, but is she buckled?"
by purplepeopleeater2453 August 05, 2010
buckled- when someone falls, trips, or bust their ass
Yo Genova tried to show off at the basketball in front of a lot of the hot boyz by doing a back flip and her ass got buckled. lol
by ~*Josie*~ May 05, 2005

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