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A not very common event that happens once every 100 years but should happen once every 1/100th of a second.

The "Bucket-Toss" consists of anywhere between 50 and 100 trillion men who will take turns urinating, defacating or emptying their sack of nut-cream into a large wooden bucket. After which, the bucket will be placed into a Giant catapult launching the bucket, and propelling it to a speed of mach 12 toward an unsuspecting whores skull.(It is important to note that prior to the whore being knocked unconcious the contents of the bucket are emptied rendering the slut totally covered in piss, shit and cum.)
My friends and I were thinking about gathering all the inmates from Rykers Island in order to give Gail Wilk a proper bucket-toss.
by Drano August 15, 2006
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