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A term started by the east coast bloods, or United Blood Nation. This refers to getting cut across the face, therefore needing 150 stitches (buck fitty.)
yo you smoke that crab? naw i hit him wit a buck fitty
by blood55555 April 13, 2008
The first letters of the two words in the phrase "fuck bitties" are reversed (this is called a spoonerism), making it possible to freely use the expression in public without being overtly inappropriate.
J: Do you really wanna go to that trashy club Torst?
L: Yeah, why not? We can probably buck some fitties if we get there soon.
Buck Fitties. Get Money.
by AintitJ May 29, 2012
A little sub sandwich stand in Westwood, CA near UCLA that used to have sandwiches priced at $1.50. Since then the price has risen quite significantly but the locals still call it "Buck Fitty." Its usually open really late with a lot of drunk people around it.
"Dude, I'm wasted!"

"I know! I'm freakin' hungry.. let's get some Buck Fitty's."

by Chiznarles November 21, 2005
A term represent the collaboration of two rival artists, 50 cent and Young Buck. once in rival gangs, these two rappers decided to put their pasts behind them and work on one song called Buck Fitties ( after young BUCK and 50 cent). this song, monumental in the rap industry, illustrates how we should all respect the game and respect the players
Sam: I can't believe one of my own brothers would play me like that
Joe: Buck Fitties, forgive and forget
by straightfromthe908 January 11, 2010
A slang word used in racing when driving at one hundred and fifty miles per hour
Did you see that car fly by he had to be going about a buck fitty.
by Paul Dorisse November 23, 2005
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