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When something is so hard to imagine, that you just can't fucking believe it.
Did you see that jerkoff pull out in front of my car and almost hit me?!
That was just unfuckingbelievable!!!
by Sandra April 14, 2005
to squat down (wide legged) and shake ur legs.. like an eagle flapping its wings.
Drop down and get ur eagle on girl!
by Sandra July 13, 2004
Mike Shinoda in love with Anna Lovjoy.
Mike the greatest MC in the world.
Mike with his beautiful black hair and brown eyes.
Mike with his black hair.
His black hair.
His black hair.
His gigantic voice
This voice is gigantic and his wonderful hair.
and a beautiful wife!!!
Mike I'm so glad that you are happy with Anna!!!!! (babies?) lol
why is Mike shinoda so hot?
by Sandra January 30, 2004
ey come on ain't no one seen bringing down the house?
it means i love you
~the cool points are out and im all twisted up in your game.
~aww kevin dat's da sweetest thing anyone has ever told me
by sandra January 19, 2004
to masturbate in a group, usualy in a circle around a table.
"lets go to Hayden + Asias for a group mastie"
by Sandra February 26, 2004
pokestacksis a term to define a person who is lagging behind, slowing things down, taking their time, or running late. Can also be used to describe one who procrastinates.
C'mon pokestacks...I've been ready to go for 20 minutes!

Quit pokestackin and get upstairs.

Pokestacks McJackson over here has been deciding what he wants to eat for over an hour.
by Sandra May 20, 2004
Very talented vocalist for the band the Used..oh and by the way, I met him at the Wraped tour..lets just say humping his leg isn't all it's cracked up to be
by Sandra September 12, 2003

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