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A tear inflicted by a cutting instrument (e.g. a knife or a box cutter) in the skin of the cheek from one corner of the mouth toward the lateral ear. This type of attack is most common in street gang violence and is often used specifically to mark the victim with a lifetime facial scar. Also, the resultant linear scar on the cheek from such a wound.
After the fight, Mikey took out a knife and gave him a buck 50.
by Andrew123 May 21, 2005
a wound requiring at least 150 stitches
yo you bout to catch a buck 50
by Mycool June 12, 2003
when somebody slice your shit open and gives you a cut that needs 150+ stiches
give you a buck 50 wif my razor
by Shizz TheC0ldest187 July 11, 2008
getting a large cut on your body
damn u got a buck 50 yo
by Tical January 26, 2004
1. A dollar fifty

2. A large wound or cut
1. Nigga, u owe me a buck fifty.

2. Damn, he got a buck 50 on his arm from when those niggas jumped his ass over they money.
by KoKoa November 29, 2004
three 50 cent's performing in 1 concert
Andy: hey man did u go to the buck 50 concert?
Chris: yer man they all sang the same thing
by AndyAndy123123 July 10, 2008
In reference to weight, one hundred and fifty pounds.
How much do you weigh?

'Bout a buck 50.
by Jason April 01, 2005
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