coming from hip-hop dance krumping. another way to say "let's krump" meaning something that is intense and passionate. something that is insanely cool.
that's the buccness. or that's bucc.
by shorty1239 June 06, 2009
Top Definition
A word made up by the advertisers of So You Think You Can Dance Canada to make themselves sound "hip".
It's gonna be bucc, Canada.
Translation: It's gonna be the greatest, Canada.
Translation: My youth intern told me this was a word and I'll be damned if I'm not using it.
by ChucktaylorsK August 04, 2009
A slang word (pirate origin) originating from the word "buccaneer", referring to something that is cool. Originated from "So You Think You Can Dance Canada"s recent marketing campaign.

A proper response to someone using this term is to say "Avast, ye dog", "Arr, me matey" or "Ahoy" or anything pirate related.
Statement: "It's gonna be bucc, Canada!"
Reply: "Arr, me matey. Ahoy."

Statement: "That dance was great, it was totally bucc."
Reply: "Avast, ye dog."
by Qoma August 10, 2009
When internal artistry meets physical expression, as defined by 'Lil C
"Yo that choreography was Bucc"
by Bluecokecan July 22, 2009
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