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good marijuana.
"I got some bubonic product and then we chilled for a bit." -Snoop Dog
by Laura February 21, 2004
1. Slang/ebonics translation to the word Bubonic plague.

2. Sickness
3. A person who spreads diseases to others.
That man got my little baby daughter sick. The guy is a bag of bubonics.
by ogmedia February 02, 2012
viral to the point of being ridiculously over-saturated
Post a link? Seriously? It's already gone bubonic.
by NJtoTX January 16, 2014
Adjective, meaning extremely cool, tight, sweet, or sick.
This new cell app is bubonic!
by tracydavekport June 09, 2009
Something that is extremely cool, or "sick," i.e. it is "sick like the plague"
"That shit is bubonic!"
by Thyzer September 10, 2009
Something insanely amazingly awesome!!
That shit is BUBONIC!!

The movie wasn't that great but Johnny Depp's performance was absolutely BUBONIC!
by Prince Robert of Dod March 16, 2008
Super sick, that it knocks millions of people off their feet, like the plague.

So cool that people can't handle it. Awesome to the point of creating great panic.
Your girlfriend is bubonic!
by elsupremo61 December 24, 2010
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