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The sparse hairs on a man's chest/around his nipples that resemble pubic hair.
Dude, you should really wax your bubes.
by j drive November 17, 2007
5 14
The water-sport in which one floats in an inflatable tube whilst drinking beers on any water surface. Combining tube and beer into one easy word "Bube". Beautiful in its simplicity.

Originated in the Greek Islands
Ben - "Hey Louis, This weather is beatiful is it not. We should go for a bube"

Louis - "Fuck yeah we should, I am going to get shit faced"
by frenchyonfire December 17, 2010
50 6
These are hair follicles growing around the ring (aka “the pink quarters”) of the nipple. They can grow to disgusting lengths and despite folklore can grow on women’s boobies. It is not quite a boob, not quite your pubs but it’s your “bubes,” the name for your nipple hair.
Bobby: "Hey you really need to trim your bubes."
Jill: "Oh I know you like to get lost in my bubes."
by Scott Rodman January 14, 2009
47 14
Bubes - (Pron. B-yoo-bs, like pubes with a "b")

The few sprouts of hair found on a woman's tit. Very rare, however in some cultures it is considered very sensual so much that women will put ro-gain on their papilla before they go to bed.
Tim: Nice Bubes
Sandy: Thanks, my family has a long line of women with bubes.
Tim: That's hot
by Silachoo1 October 20, 2009
17 7
pronounced "byoobs"

Noun meaning a woman's breasts.
I'd like to lick her bubes.
by G'z Nutz September 11, 2004
42 36
a hair on your boobs...or on your chest if you're a guy.
Dude, you need to shave your bubes.
by Katelin:] May 07, 2007
22 18
Hair, situated on the breasts of a woman (or man, but not under the categorisation of 'chest hair').
"Oh I banged this arab last night but she had bare bubes"

"Hey Yasmin, how do you get rid of your bubes? I tried plucking but it never lasts long..."
by Captain Whore Gun October 05, 2013
1 0
Noun. Pronounced like pubes but with a b instead of a p. Random hairs around the nipple.
I can't go out tonight, I have to go home and pluck my bubes.
by Sneakynicolai August 20, 2010
3 2