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A bubbler is a common term used mainly in the Midwest region of the United States, referring to drinking fountains.
I believe that the slang became popular due to the creation of a drinking fountain that bubbled water out in a different manner than a traditional drinking fountain, although I do not know exactly which way this was.
It may be nothing, but the name Ford comes into my mind when I say this.

Wisconsin citizens' use of this word, and other abnormal slangs led to a study into how Wisconsinites speak in 2005 or 06.
Student- "Can I go get a drink from the bubbler?"
StudentTeacherFromOutOfState- "What? You don't drink bubbles..."
Student- "No, I mean the drinking fountain!"
by AliGee June 10, 2007
A piece used for smoking the good 'ol green. Similar to a bong except it's commonly smaller and does not have a removable slider.

When you want to clear your hit with a bong, you remove the slider, with a bubbler, you just let go of a hole in the side of the piece called a shottie.

It's basically like a bong and a bowl fucked and had a baby.
Guy 1: Yo man, nice bong!

Guy 2: Nah, ya dipshit, this here's a bubbler!
by Dr. Weedie December 07, 2009
This is my favorite smoking device mainly because its portable, easy to hide, and it fits in your pocket! This unique smoking device has a small un-detatchable bowl on the top, with a stem sticking out of the side. It workes like a bong, in the fact that it filters the smoke with water, but instead of a removable bowl, it has a carb.(rush hole) These magical objects come in glass,wood,and plastic. Mainly used to smoke weed, these can also be used for tabacco. They range from 10 to 50 dollars
"Dude, i wanna toke but I have to go walk my dog,and i don't want bad cotton mouth right now"-Person 1

" I'll let you use my bubbler,but dont loose it"
by tokemaster March 07, 2008
A term for "drinking fountain" used in, among other places, the State of Rhode Island."
Eww, I'm not drinking out of that bubbler; someone spit their gum into it.
by Stacey October 24, 2004
Term for a sexual act wherein one sabers the top off a bottle of champagne and then, before pressure is lost, immediately inserts the bottle into the ass of their consenting adult partner.
She gave me a bubbler last week and my farts still smell like Dom Perignon!
by The Original Bubblee July 11, 2010
One of those things found in public places (usually near rest rooms) that has a mini faucet and drain. People often spit, throw trash in and drink water out of these things.
Be right back I have to get a drink at the bubbler
by 1069 September 12, 2006
A slang term presumably originating from New England. Means drinking/water fountain. Heard in NH often, Mass sometimes, and rarely in Maine. Writer has never personally heard "bubbler" used outside of New England area.
"Hey, I'll be back. I'm getting a drink from the bubbler."
"Is there a bubbler anywhere around? I'm wicked thirsty."
by Nate J. November 07, 2005
a pipe with water. Will get you messed up.
Hey nater face this bubbler.
by Zack January 16, 2005