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an overstuffed down jacket or coat
I used to have the tre deuce
and the deuce deuce in my bubblegoose
now I got the mac in my knapsack
--Notorious BIG

Black BMW with rims to match, windows bulletproof
One night, he jumped out the car
and caught a bullet in his bubblegoose
--Wyclef Jean

He keeps it fundamental
He's got the jeans and the bubblegoose on
There's murder on his mental
He's got the deuce deuce in his palm
by arkie May 18, 2005
noun - Also known as a Bubble Goose Down Jacket, Bubble Down Jacket, Bubble Jacket, Down Jacket. Made famous in popular culture through hip hop, most notably New York hip hop.
I want a yellow Bubble Goose like the Busta Rhymes had in the "Wooh Hah" video.
by Smoking Star July 21, 2009
A style of jacket popular among ghetto inhabitants that makes the wearer a larger target for gunfire while making him/her look like they just ripped the padding off the walls of an insane asylum to make winter garb.
Shit, man, Tyrone look HOT in dat bubblegoose. He should take it off 'fo he sweats himself to deaf.
by Mack-10 November 07, 2011
Your ass, bum, toosh, buttox, rectum. When someone uses the word bubble goose they are ussually refering to a large booty.
I got a bullet in my bubble goose
That bitch has a massive bubble goose
by Brittney & Mo'Nique July 24, 2006
a person or thing. May be used as a replacement for any proper noun.
That Bubble Goose is crazy. or Yo, Bubble goose, chill out.
by chris michels October 08, 2007
A belt-bag, usually referred to when drug (esp. marijuana) is carried in it.
"And the duce duce in my bubblegoose"
by Z September 14, 2004

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