When you're you're sitting on the porch, enjoying a cup of tea and a nice fag, when suddenly, you have have to fart, and have spontaneous diarrhea, in your pants
i was just sitting there one morning, and i had to pump... and then POP! bubble tea
by dumbassbuffet September 20, 2009
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An Asian specialty drink originally containing flavored tea and tapioca balls.
Let's go for some bubble tea at Ten Ren's.
by IWillBeYour419 April 07, 2004
Heaven in a cup. It's an asian drink consisting of tea and tapioca pearls or the likes. Extremely delicious, everyone will love them.
Person 1: What are the tapioca pearls for?
Person 2: Making bubble tea tonight. Get out a teabag, please.
by hoagly January 16, 2011
an awesome drink originating in taiwan; consists of milk tea and fat tapioca balls sucked up through an equally fat straw. comes in many flavors and is popular with the asian community. found most commonly in cali, chinatowns.
A: i'd like a bubbletea please.
B: what a misleading name, calling tapioca balls bubbles.
by icystarfruit October 03, 2004
n. The natural carbonation in the urine of most mammals, mostly prevalent in Asian-Americans and some amphibians, such as the kangaroo, and your slimy-ass bitch of a sister. The carbonation is thought to have special addictive properties, and in some cases has allegedly caused temporary resurrection, seventeen hour erections, diabetes, and in some rare cases -- hiccups.
Middle School Crack-head drug dealer: Yo, you want some fresh Bubble Tea?
6th Grader: Sure, gimme.
Middle School Crack-head drug dealer: OK, go past 711 to the alley behind Samurai Sushi.
by Sr. Alvarez-Luigi-Vinny-xoxoxo February 15, 2010
bubble = form, like the "form" bubbles on capuccino.
people often thinks the bubble in bubble tea is tapioca. but instead, they should be separated.
check here: www.globalbubble.com
heheeh.. i love bubble tea
by ddke June 06, 2003
What one makes when one farts in the bathtub.
I ripped a nasty one, and had to rinse my face with that bubble tea.
by Dr. K. March 02, 2004
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