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A term used to demean someone so stupid and useless, their nuts have become bubbly and withered in an attempt to stop them from passing on their terrible genes
Jim: Oh shit, I dropped the TV...
Phil: Way to go, bubble nuts!
by ronlogic March 31, 2015
n. Slang term meaning genital herpes.
That bitch gave me bubble nuts.
by Jerreau Taylor September 17, 2007
Some one who pours peroxide over their dirty nuts.
"man, these bubble nuts really burn!!"
by Savage Henry78 April 19, 2013
Someone who has a penis implant.
Phil Crosby has bubble nuts.
by T.J January 31, 2003
someone who gets hits in the balls with a bottle of bubbles.
"hey bubbles nuts, are you goin to chow?"
by mojoe philips March 15, 2003
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