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A food supposedly of british origin, made from leftover vegatables, usually on boxing day. It is called Bulle and Squeak because apparently when you cook it it makes bubbling and squeaking sounds.
We had bubble and squeak on boxing day from our leftover Christmas Dinner.
by FayeIsMoi October 26, 2006
The sexual act involving two homosexual men, where one man stretches open the anus of the other using his hands in a funnel like fashion. Once the anus is sufficiently wide enough he then proceeds to vomit into the gaping hole of the anus followed by rigorous double handed fisting. Correct technique has been achieved once the anus starts to bubble with anal/vomit juices and an audible squeaking noise is heard.
Hey Randy, did you eat spicy food yesterday? Because that bubble and squeak you gave me is burning my arse real bad.
by Biggun69 April 30, 2013
Rhyming slang for a Greek. Usually abbreviated to bubble.
Bloody area's crawling with bubbles nowadays
by David from Kingsbury November 04, 2003
A slang word of British origin, roots unknown.

Slang for leftovers.
Brit 1: Eh chap, you gonna eat that bubble and squeak sometime?
Brit 2: Nah, you can have it!
Brit 1: *eats* OMIGOD, this stuff is shit-tastic!
by A random Brit June 27, 2006
The potato refers to a white ex-pat in SE Asia who has hooked up with a younger, more beautiful local girl.

It refers to the use for an old, ugly potato leftover who has found his second helping. Bubble and Squeak can be found throughout SE Asia and comprises an old potato mixing with a young and beautiful local girl. This girl, while hungry, was not around for last night's feast so does not necessarily view the old potato is second hand.

Following marriage Immigration, B+S eventually becomes Potato Whip.
Is that his tour guide? No - it's bubble and squeak.
by 0seric May 18, 2009
Slang for a specific sexual act in which one knocks a dolphin unconcious and proceeds to violate his/her blowhole.
Hey Todd give me some wet towels so this unconcious dolphin doesn't dry out during our bubble and squeak session.
by Lauriefish June 11, 2008
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