Southern U.S. slang term for 'brother'. Sometimes used as term of endearment. Can be used instead of the word 'buddy'.
Hey Bubba, what's up?

He's my Bubba (buddy)!
by jaypeanut July 27, 2008
A term of endearment to be used in describing objects, animals, or humans (but not places).
"Oh that little old man over there is so cute"
"Yeah, he's definitely a bubba"
by Luna Lovingood March 11, 2010
The defenition of a short redneck. Is usally very pale and enjoys loud music. Dresses like a negro american and hangs out with tons of beaners. Really shy, only when it comes to talking to skanky girls. He isn't afraid to talk to the ugly ones.

Another word for hubba bubba bubbalicious gum! :D
Person 1: Have you been Bubba?

Person 2: Yeah, he's in lil mexico.


Person 1: Hubba Bubba
Person 2: Hubba Bubba!
Person 1: Hubba Bubba?
Person 2: Yeah, just Bubba.
by King of the Ghetto February 26, 2010
A lover. Can even be guy you really like, or "talking" to.
Miss you bubba!;)
by GURRRRL December 10, 2009
big ass black dude that rapes your ass in jail (don't drop the soap)
Dude, my ass is so sore from bubba last night

I dropped the soap and bubba was right in my ass
by ball sacks June 11, 2009
A common prison bum rapist, regually gets people to 'drop the soap. Has a thing for people called 'Harry'.
by gra123 March 26, 2009
The satin or nylon trim on baby blankets and some blankets on adult sized beds.

Also, the smooth nylon trim inside of some heavy flannel shirts.
Our toddler loves to tickle his face with the bubba.

Our 18 year old son is too old to be playing with bubba blankets.

Don't wear your bubba shirt inside out, or the delicate fabric will tear.
by steve1979 February 10, 2008
A large black male with the taste of male flesh. Bubba will go to any length to get his sexual satisfaction. Ignorance will only prove to be painful and embarassing, as you will need an anal retrack once he is done having his way with your anus.
Oh snap, did you hear about the newbie John. He unknowingly crossed Bubba and Bubba romanced his anus all night. Now John walks with a limp.
by Iron Jim P. November 08, 2007

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