Southern U.S. slang term for 'brother'. Sometimes used as term of endearment. Can be used instead of the word 'buddy'.
Hey Bubba, what's up?

He's my Bubba (buddy)!
by jaypeanut July 27, 2008
Cute/ attractive, especially in a dainty way; pleasingly pretty: a cute child; a cute little puppy.
Look at that Bubba-squirrel, i want to snuggle with it.
by bubbadasha July 25, 2012
A cool cat. The one that is a beast and has swagg. Short, and has swagg, usually gets the ladies.
by lintlicker100 July 03, 2011
my name, and I'm no redneck or hillbilly, and have all of my teeth.
Bubba and I got wicked hammered at the bar the other night.
by djkandyass June 21, 2011

1. An affectionate, but sometimes patronizing, term you might use for a friend or family member.

2. A term you would use to call something that you find cute.

3. Another word for the word 'babies'.
1. "heyy, I've been having a rubbish day."
"awwww, poor bubba, it's okay."

2. "omg a puppy! awww look at the ickle bubbaa"

3. "ughh, the bubba's crying again."
by bubbabubbabubbabubbabubba June 16, 2011
A talking brown bear that can be found in Allenspark, Colorado at Ruby's Retreat. If you are not careful he will sneak up on you and ask you to tickle him.
Bubba scared the crap out of me at Ruby's when I walked in and he spoke to me. That Bubba is one scary bear.
by Scary Tabitha November 15, 2010
1. n.- a redneck or hillbilly-ish nickname for a guy, similar to Jack.

2. n. - From the polish word baba which means old lady. Many Russian, Polish and other eastern European people call their grandmother Bubba or bubby.
Earl: Where's Bubba at? He's supposed to help me fix my truck.

Cletus: He said he went to his bubba's house for pierogies for lunch.
by darqcyde August 09, 2010
A commonly used word to describe one's girlfriend. Origins of the word came from the western U.S
Mary is my bubbas.
by btgm July 16, 2010

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