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a large man, who fzcks you up teh butt, w/o lubrication of any sort. usually happens when you drop the soap, or when a mans feeling lonely.
omg we're gonna get bubba'd on that shit
by teh mac'zor iz so leet October 03, 2004
The unfortunate experience of getting sodomized by a black inmate while in prison.
While I was locked up I was bubba'd by my cell-mate
by chadillac874 March 02, 2007
THe Biggest lipped negro in the pen Big bubba ways 5 bils and tears your ass off with his 20 footer in a 15 minuutes anal assault while u scream like a pig in hear mercifuless.
Dj got Bubbad last night in jail because he is a {clark)
by skimma May 03, 2005
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