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Buy The Fucking Dip
Apple has gone down today, best buy the fucking dip... btfd
by Jon827 January 20, 2011
Bear The Fuck Down. Comes from the University of Arizona. Whenever you have to do something hard or difficult, you have hunker down and just get shit done! Aka when finals come, when a football game against a hard team is against us. When you have a paper due in 2 hours that is 10 pages long and you have just written a thesis!
UofA Student1: You know we are about to play against UCLA this weekend
UofA Student2: Yeah the team better BTFD!
by Bearing Down November 21, 2011
Buy the failed dip
BTFD is a stock market term to buy stocks that are trending up and dip down a little but fail to go down further and continue to go up
by rdwwdr December 29, 2010
Bow the Fuck Down. It is used by AOL's Nintendo Room. It's creator, Lou, is a raging alchoholic who is also homosexual.
1.) "hey all wuts up" "btfd lou you stupid fucking mexican"
by Zee March 10, 2005
Bolt To the Fucking Doors
When the whole market starts to tank at once, you panic, sell everything and Bolt To the Fucking Doors (BTFD) with your cash....(Bearish View)

or...Buy The Fucking Dip...(Bullish View)
by zztop22 January 28, 2011
Bow the Fuck Down. Internet Slang
BTFD is used in the internet chat rooms as a comeback. Like "BTFD Bitch!"
by Reese March 10, 2005
Beat the f*** down. Some people get hung up on certain martial arts, then someone that can know how to btfd comes along and makes them a little less cocky. Brazilian fighting vs. karate, or street fighting vs Kumita
He can btfd.
by maintience guy May 01, 2009

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