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Belligerent Sexual Tension, when two parties show hostility to each other in an effort to hide their sexual tension.

Both have acknowledged their attraction but try to refuse to act on it or choose to ignore it by acting hostile towards each other.
You can just smell the BST rolling off the two rivals.
by jpeguser March 26, 2013
11 3
British Summer Time (BST)

A time zone in England.
Yo man... BST is so much cooler than GMT!
by Chris W. July 13, 2005
157 53
Black Standard Time, which also means 'late'
Boy: "Where is Shanishiqua? The movie is starting."
Girl: "Well she's on BST so she'll be here in 20 mins"
by irish99 July 15, 2011
86 33
Blood, Sweat and Tears.
"My dream house was BST."
by Latinlabel May 18, 2005
63 35
Bright Shiny Thing, a forum owned by Nett
BST is love (a signature of Charli at BST)
by Alexandra May 15, 2004
47 35
Acronym for "Big Saucy Tits". Refers to extremely nice breasts. Stems from the spelling of breast, containing B, S, and T in that order. Because BST stands for "binary search tree" in computer science, the word "balanced" usually proceeds BST.
Wow, Lindsey's hottest feature is her rack of juicy balanced BSTs.

The second I looked up and saw some massive BSTs, I immediately knew I was staring at Bird's mom's beautiful bosom.
by Big Dog Football Boss October 29, 2013
14 3
"better safe, than sorry"
In most situations, BSTS is the way to be.
by justoldsteve June 01, 2006
14 4