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A small town on the Yakama Indian Reservation located in Central Washington, Wapato is generally made up of minority groups and is surrounded by orchards. It's outside of the city of Yakima.
"Where's that volleyball team from? They're all brown with one little white kid in the middle. They must be the Wapato Wolves."
by PoDunk Prof May 23, 2008
Wapato is a ran down town in Central Washington, infested with douchebags, Mexicans, some sluts, and mainly people so late to come to new eras. Seriously, most of them don't even get with today's new advancements in education, technology, etc. They are too caught up with pointless gossip, bickering, and whining. Many teens don't have the slightest of manners to even hold a door for an elderly man or woman. Wapato is place to avoid, it is small, shitty, and just...don't even think of going there. Ha.
Husband: Wow, this town is small, what do you think it is?
Wife: It says Wapato, it seems so run down, and infested with Mexicans. This ain't Mexico, why are some of the signs in Spanish?
Husband: I don't know, let's keep going. I don't want to get stuck there for a night,
by MKBHD November 17, 2014

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