Brynn is known as a young beautiful female. Everyone is always looking up to or depending on her, she has a flawless face and a bangin figure. She has the perfect butt and great boobs, and a personality like no other. Men tend to look up to her as a goddess, willing to do anything to get her attention. She has a beautiful smile and lips with a striking body shes the perfect package and a great sex partner! Brynn has many friends and is known as popular, always friendly and just all around a perfect person. This is someone you will find and definitely wont want to lose.

'Yooo look at her bangin body dude!'
'Shes such a brynn'

'Shes the most beautiful girl ever'
'So shes a brynn?'

'She knows how to suck a dick'
'Total Brynn!'
by Zacharylovesgirls May 06, 2014
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A name meaning "raven-haired beauty" originating from Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.
"Top o' the mornin', Brynn!"
by Jake00 February 08, 2007
someone you tell everything to. she's always there and is a regular comedian. she's a friend to the earth and you swear you can hear music when your around her.
do you hear that music?

yeah that's brynn!

she's so cool!
by dandelionfieldsofhappiness September 23, 2010
One who is an excellent make out partner.
Daym! That girl was a definite brynn - that make out sesh was awesome!
by B-rynn April 13, 2008
friendly. epic. someone who loves music and loves to dance. people will listen to music she listens to, she listens to what is on top of the charts. a beautiful girl who you can tell EVERYTHING to.
example will be blank thank you very much. brynn is amazing.
by My name is anonymous October 28, 2011
An extremely nice girl who's beautiful inside and out. She's always ready to listen and help her friends with their problems. Sometimes so can be a real party animal but she always has fun in the end. If you're friends with a Brynn, that's something you'll never regret. She's hot, and is great with hooking up!
Dude I hooked up with brynn last night, holy shit.

Oh was it fun?
Best fucking ever!
by Imma potato July 28, 2012
An amazing girl with beautiful eyes and long hair. She is a person who is graceful in everything she does. She is very kind and a great person. Can keep secrets safe and is super pretty.
Do you see that girl over there?
That one?
Yeah she is totally a Brynn
by hahaimnotafail March 06, 2013

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